Musa ‘Prata’ (syn. ‘Brazilian’, ‘Prata Ana’)

Fruit Banana, Dessert Banana

Similar to the cultivar Musa ‚Maçã’, grows also about 3 meters (10 feet) tall, has also small finger long fruits, which are tasting aromatic and sweet, but in the difference from Musa ‚Maçã’ they don’t have apple taste. It belongs to the group AAB and the section Musa. It is grown mainly for the Brazilian market like also Musa ‚Maçã’, it is hardly exported. However it’s grown in the colder southern states and also in the state Santa Catarina one question will arise whether it is be  Musa ‚Brazilian’ here under another name, because it’s cold tolerant. It could be used as cross partner for Musa basjoo 'Sakhalin'.



Fruiting specimen of Musa 'Prata' in one yard in Lucianópolis in

August 2007 (Photo: Joachim Jaeck)

One of our specimens of Musa 'Prata' in our yard in February 2009

(Photo: Joachim Jäck)




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Updated by Joachim Jaeck on November, 1st, 2009